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Steps 1 Student's Book

 Steps 3 Student's BookPDF | 63 MB Modern course for grades 6-6 elementary school, written according to the latest guidelines of the curriculum and leading gradually from fun to self-study and self-esteem.  Steps in Angielski 3 is at least 61 hours of instruction.  Steps in Angielski 3 and 3 are at least 91 hours of instruction.  Steps in the steps leading Angielski from the first words in English exam at the end of primary school:  Best material in a beautiful setting encourages an interest in English:  * Modern and contemporary graphic design themes make the book the students are watching with pleasure and curiosity, making it easier to get them to work.  * A beautifully illustrated comic books written by Paul Shipton'a, popular author of stories for children to attract attention and help children focus on the related tasks.  * The story of the adventures of Tom obrazkowaopowiadajaca, a Polish child among British peers, learn about the realities of life in the UK and encourages cross-cultural comparisons.  Grammar introduced multi-sensory method involves all students:      * For those about to rock - tables in the book and animated grammar presentations on CD iTools,      * For sluchowców - so called. Audio drills - the rhythmic repetition of entered the structure,      * For kinestetyków - grammar flashcards, allowing the team laying of different grammatical structures.  Implementation of the new core curriculum provides a solid preparation for further study in high school:  * Course teaches the basic competencies and gradually prepares students for independent study.  * Section Self-evaluation (after each section) was correlated with the new core curriculum. Many of the tasks in this section relates directly to the core curriculum.  Support for teachers in classes with different levels: * Additional exercises in the manual minisekcjach "Extra!" - For students learning faster,  * Additional exercises to copy the Teacher's Power Pack - Reinforcement worksheets for students requiring fixation of the material, and Extension worksheets for exercises extending for students who need additional challenges  * Exercises at three levels of difficulty in the Workbook Proposals for the tasks at different levels of difficulty in the Teacher's Power Pack. Download   Mirror

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